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Dixieland Band Music
Title Index - A thru Z


O-7059 12th Street Rag Bowman
O-7069 At A Georgia Camp Meeting Mills
O-7003 Farewell Blues Mares, Rappolo, Schoebel
O-7027 Gaucho Serenade, The Cavanaugh, Redmond
O-7002 Golden Slippers Bland
O-7029 Grand Old Pals Various
O-7016 High Society Copeland, Greene
O-7015 High Society Melrose, Steele
O-7016 High Society Swan
O-7028 Hop Waltz Unknown
O-7014 I Can't Get Started Gershwin, Vernon
O-7017 It Don't Mean A Thing Ellington, Mills
O-7019 Ja-Da Carleton
O-7020 Ja-Da Carleton
O-7018 Jabberwocky Holmes
O-7042 Kansas City Ditty Schoebel
O-7021 King Porter Stomp La Menthe, Morton
O-7043 Lazy Daddy Rocca, Shields
O-7055 Lazy Mood Blues Unknown
O-7044 Leavin' Town Jarvis
O-7054 Liebestraum Liszt
O-7000 Little Brown Jug Kinyon
O-7001 Little Rock Getaway Sullivan
O-7045 Livery Stable Blues Lopez, Nunez
O-7052 Mahogany Hall Stomp Williams
O-7004 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin, Russell, Styne
O-7038 Maryland, My Maryland Unknown
O-7023 Melody In F Unknown
O-7022 Milenberg Joys La Menthe, Mares, Morton, Roppolo
O-7039 Mobile Mamma Malone
O-7040 Muskrat Ramble Ory
O-7050 My Bonnie Unknown
O-7067 My Gal Sal Dresser
O-7041 New Dixieland Parade, The Holmes
O-7046 New Orleans Masquerade Meissner, Mills
O-7047 New Orleans Nightmare Malone
O-7053 New Orleans Two-Beat Shuffle Unknown
O-7048 No More Dejohn
O-7051 Nobody Knows Basie, Young
O-7049 Nobody's Sweetheart Erdman, Kahn
O-7034 Ory's Creole Trombone Ory
O-7063 Over The Waves Unknown
O-7035 Panama Tyers
O-7024 Riffin The Double Eagle Unknown
O-7036 Riverboat Shuffle Carmichael, Voynow
O-7037 Rosetta Hines, Woode
O-7064 Rye Waltz Unknown
O-7030 San McPhail, Michels
O-7031 Sensation Edwards
O-7033 Shortnin' Bread Unknown
O-7061 Should I Brown
O-7032 Skeleton Jangle La Rocca
O-7026 Smokehouse Stomp Unknown
O-7025 Someday Sweetheart Spikes, Spikes
O-7062 Stormy Weather Arlen, Koehler
O-7011 Sugar Foot Stomp Melrose, Olive
O-7012 Sunday Conn, Miller, Stein
O-7068 Swaneeland Foster
O-7058 Sweet Lorraine Burwell, Parish
O-7013 Tailgate Walters
O-7006 That's A Plenty Pollack
O-7066 Tiger Rag La Rocca
O-7010 Tin Roof Blues Melrose, New Orleans Rhythm Kings
O-7007 Two-Beat Walters
O-7057 Wabash Blues Meinken, Ringle
O-7070 Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie Von Tilzer
O-7008 Washington And Lee Swing Allen, Robbins, Sheafe
O-7009 Weary Blues Matthews
O-7065 When The Saints Go Marching In Traditional
O-7056 When You And I Were Young Maggie Unknown
O-7060 Who's Sorry Now? Kalmar, Ruby, Snyder
O-7005 Wolverine Blues Bros, La Menthe, Morton


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