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Marshall's Civic Band
Frequently Asked Questions


If this is a new site, how can you have "frequently asked questions" already?
The answer is, of course, that the webmaster made up the questions. If you have any real questions for us, please forward them to our webmaster from our Contact Us page.

Why don't you loan music from your library?
Because of a lack of resources, Marshall's Civic Band does not lend music from its library holdings. See our Library page for a full explanation.

Do you allow access to the library for researchers?
Our library holdings are available for on-site research at Washburn University in Topeka. See our Library page for a full explanation.

What do the catalog numbers mean on the library pages? (ex. M-843/A)
The first letter represents the physical size of the music (C - concert, O - octavo, M - march), the number is just a sequential number assigned to each piece as it was cataloged. Many of the pieces were part of a collection so an additional letter was added to create a unique catalog number.

Why are there so few photographs on the web site?
It was our intention to make the pages load as quickly as possible. The library index pages are fairly large, however, and can take up to 15 seconds to load on a dial-up connection.

On the main library index page, what are "Associations"?
Associations are non-musical topics that may be of interest when programming a concert. For example, some of the associations we use are: Kansas Composer, Military: Army. Names of people that a piece was dedicated to are also listed as associations.

Where can I find historic photographs of Marshall's Band?
The band donated its entire collection of photos and artifacts to the Kansas State Historical Society in 1993. The KSHS does provide copies of photographs for a nominal fee.

How can I make a donation to Marshall's Band?
If you would like to make a contribution to Marshall's Band's music preservation efforts, or if you would like to be listed as a sponsor in our summer concert programs, please see our Contact Us page.

Now that you have completed your music preservation project, will the music be available for purchase?
At this time, it is our intention to make this music available for sale, however further research into copyright issues must be undertaken. If you are interested in obtaining some of these pieces, e-mail Rick Baker on our Contact Us page.

On the library pages, why are the concert notes in a fixed font, and why are some of the titles, names, etc. improperly capitalized?
The library pages were converted from dBASE IV, a DOS database management system, to HTML format. The data was originally entered in all uppercase text and the conversion process was not perfect. We are working on making the corrections, but with over 3,500 pieces of music to get through, it will take some time.

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