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Marshall's Civic Band

Title Wedding Of Heinie And Kathrina, The
Composer Alford, Harry L. Marshall’s
Civic Band
Topeka, KS
Est’d 1884
Number C-327
Type CB
Date 1925
Key Bb
Arranger None John B. Marshall Length 0.00
Publisher Harry L. Alford Vocal No
Association   Grade/Difficulty ?/?
Last Performed Unknown
Manuscript No
Style Concert Piece, Humoresque Location Marshall's Band Library
Cataloger Rick Baker
Date Cataloged 11/23/1994
"PROGRAM SYNOPSIS: - Heinie der flivver cranks - On Der vay - Der party by der 
church come - Der organ speil und glocken ringer - Der Vedding March - Now de 
Railroad train ve go to - All aboard - Der vild unk vooley Vest dey vill now 
make it. - Jello-stone Park mit birds und odder animals - Injuns come und der 
dance gemachen - 'Rouse mit em' - By der home back now shall dey go - Vonce more 
de train in - Storm komme mitt Dunder und Blitzen - De bridge has down-gone und 
de train ge Smashed yet - Home vonce more - Friends of Heinie und Katrina make a 
serenade out. Out loud der baby cries - Heinie spanks." 
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