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Marshall's Civic Band

Title Ariane Overture
Composer Boyer, Louis Marshall’s
Civic Band
Topeka, KS
Est’d 1884
Number C-931
Type CB
Date 1935
Key Eb
Arranger Bachman, Harold & Lillya, Clif John B. Marshall Length 0.00
Publisher M. Witmark & Sons Vocal No
Association   Grade/Difficulty ?/?
Last Performed Unknown
Manuscript No
Style Overture, Concert Location Marshall's Band Library
Cataloger Rick Baker
Date Cataloged 12/06/1998
Donated to Marshall's Band by J.D. Parr of the Baker University band.  Overture 
"Ariane" by Louis Boyer.  Revised for American Bands by Harold Bachman and 
Clifford P. Lillya.  Concert notes on folder: 
  Ariane, so the story goes, was the sixth wife of Gilles de la Val, better 
known as "Bluebird" a sinister, French medieval character.  It was Ariane who 
tricked Bluebird into releasing his five former wives and broght destruction 
upon him. 
  There is no available data concerning Louis Boyer the composer of the "Ariane" 
Overture.  A very old man in 1918, he was Chef de Musique at the city of Angers, 
France, having jurisdiction over the musical activities of that city including 
the band.  He was succeeded in the same year by the well-known Louis Bailly, who 
presented Mr. Bachman, one of the editors of this revised edition, with an 
original edition of the work, which proved to be one of the most popular concert 
numbers of the American Band stationed at Angers during the war [World War I], 
of which Mr. Bachman was director. 
  The Overture itself is highly representative of a type of French music that is 
at once grateful, replete with melodic charm and permeated with a perpetual 
  The form of the Overture follows the generally accepted pattern.  It opens 
with an Andante wherein the principal theme in the minor is announced.  This is 
followed by the Allegro, re-stating the principal theme and developing it to a 
climax.  A contrasting or subsidiary theme of broad lyric quality in the major 
is next introduced and followed by still another theme in six-four meter of 
particular song-like charm, after which the principal theme is re-introduced and 
leading to a final climax. 
  Despite the sweep and effectiveness of the Overture, the instrumentation is so 
skillfully handled that its designation as a class C Band number is apparent. 
The recasting of the instrumentation for American band was accomplished by 
Harold Bachman and Clifford P. Lillya. 
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