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Marshall's Civic Band

Title Walkin' The Road
Composer Haufrecht, Herbert Marshall’s
Civic Band
Topeka, KS
Est’d 1884
Number C-955
Type CB
Date 1946
Key Ab
Arranger None John B. Marshall Length 4.00
Publisher Leeds Music Corp. Vocal No
Association Edwards, George Grade/Difficulty ?/?
Last Performed Unknown
Manuscript No
Style Concert Piece Location Marshall's Band Library
Cataloger Rick Baker
Date Cataloged 12/07/1998
Donated to Marshall's Band by J.D. Parr of the Baker University band.  Dedicated 
to George Edwards.  Concert notes on folder: 
  The opening theme is an ornamental prelude to the chorale-like melody that 
follows.  This is freely developed up to the climax in which the main theme is 
presented in the bass.  Both ideas are interwoven throughout, and the piece 
subsides on the opening pastoral note. 
  The tune of "Walkin' the Road" was thought up as I hiked along a lonely side 
road known as Panther Kill, not far from Phoenicia, N.Y.  On the way, my 
thoughts meandered to a ballad that George Edwards, a local farm hand, sang to 
me, which had for a refrain: 
  I got up and I hoisted my 'turkey' 
  And I walked the road again; 
  I walked the road again, me boys, 
  I walked the road again; 
  If the weather be fair 
  I combed my hair 
  And I walked the road again 
  It has become legend that George Edwards at the age of sixty-five became lost 
in New York City and, being penniless, walked over a hundred miles to his home 
town in the Catskills.  I hope I may be forgiven for borrowing his tune as a 
lift along the way "Walkin' the Road". 
Herbert Haufrecht 
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