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Marshall's Civic Band

Title High School Cadets
Composer Sousa, John Philip Marshall’s
Civic Band
Topeka, KS
Est’d 1884
Number M-920
Type CB
Date 1979
Key Bb
Arranger Keller, Don John B. Marshall Length 0.00
Publisher Wynn Music Vocal No
Association   Grade/Difficulty ?/?
Last Performed Unknown
Manuscript No
Style March Location Marshall's Band Library
Cataloger Rick Baker
Date Cataloged 09/16/1994
Donated to Marshall's band by Scott Bradley, director of the Onaga High School 
Composed in 1890. "The mutual admiration which existed between John Philip Sousa 
and the school of bands of America has caused many musicians and writers to 
conclude that his march was composed as a salute to the school band movement. 
However, it was written twenty years before that movement had begun. It was 
composed at the solicitation of the marching cadet corps of the one and only 
Washington, D.C. high school in 1890 (later called Central High School) and was 
dedicated to the teachers and pupils. 
    "The High School Cadets was another of the drill teams which were an 
exciting part of the capital city scene for many years after the Civil War. The 
members requested the march of Sousa, asking that he made an effort to make it 
superior to his 'National Fencibles' march, which he had written for a rival 
cadet corps. In Sousa's estimation, it was indeed a better march. The music 
world has concurred, because 'The High School Cadets' has always been one of 
Sousa's most popular marches. 
    "The Cadets were invited to a Marine Band rehearsal to hear the march 
played. They liked what they heard and produced $24 to cover the cost of having 
the march published and copyrighted." 
The Works of John Philip Sousa 
pgs. 61-62 
Paul E. Bierley 
Integrity Press 
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