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Marshall's Civic Band

Title Picadore March, The
Composer Sousa, John Philip Marshall’s
Civic Band
Topeka, KS
Est’d 1884
Number M-5040/C
Type CB
Date 1889
Key Bb
Arranger None John B. Marshall Length 0.00
Publisher Harry Coleman Vocal No
Association   Grade/Difficulty ?/?
Last Performed Unknown
Manuscript No
Style March Location Marshall's Band Library
Cataloger Rick Baker
Date Cataloged 09/18/1994
Set of folders with music glued inside to form pages. 
Composed in 1889. "'The Picador' was one of several marches sold outright to the 
publisher, Harry Coleman, for $35 each. That sum included arrangements for band, 
orchestra, and piano. The frontispiece of the original sheet music depicts a 
bullfight scene with a picador in action. If the mild mannered Sousa had seen a 
bullfight before composing this march, he would surely have chosen another 
title. After witnessing a bullfight while on vacation in Mexico, he was shocked 
by what he had seen and thereafter referred to bullfighting as a worthless and 
unfair sport." 
The Works of John Philip Sousa 
pgs. 77-78 
Paul E. Bierley 
Integrity Press 
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