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Marshall's Civic Band

Title Presidential Polonaise
Composer Sousa, John Philip Marshall’s
Civic Band
Topeka, KS
Est’d 1884
Number O-495
Type CB
Date 1889
Key Bb
Arranger None John B. Marshall Length 0.00
Publisher Harry Coleman Vocal No
Association   Grade/Difficulty ?/?
Last Performed Unknown
Manuscript No
Style Concert Piece, Polonaise Location Marshall's Band Library
Cataloger Alan Ukena
Date Cataloged 07/21/1993
Composed in 1886 "Toward the end of his term, President Arthur engaged Sousa in 
conversation concerning the suitability of the presidential salutation 'Hail to 
the Chief.' When Sousa revealed that it was actually an old Scotch boating song, 
Arthur instructed him to replace it with a more suitable composition. Sousa's 
replacement consisted of two pieces, 'Presidential Polonaise' and the march 
'Semper Fidelis' (1888). 'Presidential Polonaise' was used for state affairs at 
the White House. Curiously, Sousa's band score is entitled 'In Echelon 
"The Works of John Philip Sousa" 
pg. 130 
Paul E. Bierley 
Integrity Press 
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