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Dance Orchestra Music
Style Index - A thru D1

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Concert Piece, Ballad
  O-6107 Gypsy Love Song

Dance, Fox Trot
  O-6146 'taint No Use
  O-6059 A Penny A Kiss, A Penny A Hug
  O-6206 April In Paris
  O-6014 As Long As You Believe In Me
  O-6347 Avalon
  O-6318 Begin The Beguine
  O-6091 Besame Mucho
  O-6375 Blossom Fell, A
  O-6208 Bye Bye Blues
  O-6058 Chino Soy
  O-6015 Collegiate Love
  O-6033 Didn't I Tell You
  O-6020 Dream Girl
  O-6368 Dreamer, The
  O-6278 Early Autumn
  O-6253 Easter Parade
  O-6435 Exactly Like You
  O-6340 Flatbush Flanagan
  O-6432 Fluid Jive
  O-6252 Foggy Day, A
  O-6392 For The First Time
  O-6279 Four Brothers
  O-6090 Frenesi
  O-6431 Genius At Work
  O-6430 Ghost Of A Chance, A
  O-6280 Gigi
  O-6372 Good Night Wherever You Are
  O-6443 Harbor Lights
  O-6471 Harlem Nocturne
  O-6461 Hey, Look Me Over
  O-6390 High And The Mighty, The
  O-6449 How Deep Is The Ocean
  O-6225 How High The Moon
  O-6282 Humoresque
  O-6426 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With M
  O-6425 I Can't Escape From You
  O-6424 I Can't Face The Music
  O-6397 I Cover The Waterfront
  O-6487 I Got Rhythm
  O-6402 I Hadn't Anyone Till You
  O-6380 I Know That You Know
  O-6438 I Know That You Know
  O-6411 I Love Paris
  O-6256 I Love You
  O-6398 I Never Knew
  O-6415 I Should Care
  O-6413 I Still Get A Thrill
  O-6464 I Whistle A Happy Tune
  O-6010 I'd Rather Cry Over You
  O-6011 I'll Think Of You
  O-6214 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  O-6086 I'm In Seventh Heaven
  O-6455 I'm Only Making Believe
  O-6453 I'm Walkin' Around In A Dream
  O-6419 I'm Yours
  O-6399 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
  O-6493 I've Got You Under My Skin
  O-6137 Idaho
  O-6422 If I Could Be With You
  O-6017 If I Should Lose You
  O-6354 If That's The Way You Want It Baby
  O-6241 In A Sentimental Mood
  O-6082 In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
  O-6388 In The Chapel In The Moonlight
  O-6037 In The Evening
  O-6220 In The Mood
  O-6240 Indian Love Call
  O-6285 Indian Summer
  O-6207 It Had To Be You
  O-6288 It's All Right With Me
  O-6325 It's Love Love Love
  O-6408 It's The Talk Of The Town
  O-6334 James Session
  O-6406 Jazz Me Blues, The
  O-6488 Jersey Bounce
  O-6476 Josephine
  O-6333 Jump Town
  O-6492 Jumpin' At The Woodside
  O-6127 Just A Kid Named Joe
  O-6138 Just A Simple Melody
  O-6404 Just One More Chance
  O-6124 Keep Me In Mind
  O-6234 Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
  O-6025 Kids Again
  O-6101 Kiss In The Dark, A
  O-6328 Little Shoemaker, The
  O-6294 Liza
  O-6447 Lonely Acres
  O-6446 Lonesome Road
  O-6444 Loose Lid Special
  O-6190 Lost In The Shuffle
  O-6027 Love Is The Sweetest Thing
  O-6232 Lover
  O-6228 Lullaby Of Broadway
  O-6131 Margie
  O-6022 Marianne
  O-6121 Marie
  O-6125 Memories Of You
  O-6130 Memories Of You
  O-6337 Memories Of You
  O-6299 Minnie The Moocher's Weddin' Day
  O-6193 Miss You
  O-6123 Mississippi
  O-6194 Mobile
  O-6195 Mole, The
  O-6272 Mona Lisa
  O-6470 Monte Carlo Song, The
  O-6196 Moonlight On The Ganges
  O-6038 More Than You Know
  O-6258 Moritat
  O-6116 Mr. Sweeney's Learned To Swing
  O-6117 Muddy Water
  O-6115 Music, Maestro, Please
  O-6018 My Flame Is Just A Match For Me
  O-6210 My Funny Valentine
  O-6267 My Happiness
  O-6114 My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice
  O-6032 My Last Affair
  O-6041 My Silent Love
  O-6133 Negra Consentida
  O-6113 Night Is Young And You'r So Beautiful, The
  O-6112 No Regrets
  O-6044 Now It Can Be Told
  O-6045 Oasis
  O-6462 Oh, Lady Be Good!
  O-6301 Oklahoma
  O-6221 On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  O-6062 Out Of Nowhere
  O-6295 P.S. I Love You
  O-6016 Pettin' In The Park
  O-6066 Picnic
  O-6064 Please Don't Talk About Me
  O-6353 Poor People Of Paris, The
  O-6457 Powerhouse
  O-6454 Prisoner Of Love
  O-6456 Riff Interlude
  O-6459 Rigamarole
  O-6259 Riverboat Shuffle
  O-6261 Riverboat Shuffle
  O-6269 Rock Around The Clock
  O-6005 Rockaway
  O-6003 Rose Of The Rio Grande
  O-6097 Roses Of Picardy
  O-6000 Rosetta
  O-6205 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  O-6483 San Antonio Rose
  O-6490 Sentimental Journey
  O-6185 September In The Rain
  O-6314 September Song
  O-6342 September Song
  O-6080 Sheik, The
  O-6378 Shine
  O-6200 Shine On A Harvest Moon
  O-6074 Singin' The Blues
  O-6088 Sitting By The Window
  O-6311 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  O-6313 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  O-6315 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  O-6077 So Help Me
  O-6465 So In Love
  O-6312 Solitude
  O-6076 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
  O-6075 Somebody Loves Me
  O-6484 Something's Gotta Give
  O-6036 Song Is You, The
  O-6019 Stein Song
  O-6236 Stella By Starlight
  O-6119 Steppin' Out With My Baby
  O-6144 Strictly Instrumental
  O-6489 String Of Pearls, A
  O-6013 Sugar
  O-6199 Summertime
  O-6290 Sunflower
  O-6292 Sweet Lorraine
  O-6478 Sweet Lorraine
  O-6136 Sweet Madness
  O-6491 Tea For Two
  O-6174 Tell Me Why
  O-6245 That Old Black Magic
  O-6275 That's A Plenty
  O-6087 That's Why I'm Jealous Of You
  O-6007 That's You, Baby
  O-6277 These Foolish Things
  O-6276 They Say It's Wonderful
  O-6344 They're Either Too Young Or Too Old
  O-6361 Third Man Theme, The
  O-6283 This Can't Be Love
  O-6172 This Love Of Mine
  O-6170 Three On A Match
  O-6166 Three Point Landing
  O-6341 Till Tom Special
  O-6376 Time After Time
  O-6173 Too Marvelous For Words
  O-6165 Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
  O-6377 Tree In The Meadow, A
  O-6215 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  O-6286 Until The Real Thing Comes Along
  O-6024 Used To You
  O-6160 Velvet Moon
  O-6159 Very Thought Of You, The
  O-6158 Vilia
  O-6155 Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
  O-6021 Washing Dishes With My Sweetie
  O-6238 Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
  O-6156 We Kiss In A Shadow
  O-6463 What A Girl! What A Night!
  O-6289 What Is This Thing Called Love?
  O-6118 When Day Is Done
  O-6281 When My Dream Boat Comes Home
  O-6176 When The One You Love
  O-6153 When We're Alone
  O-6168 Where Or When
  O-6167 Whispers In The Dark
  O-6262 White Christmas
  O-6274 White Christmas
  O-6177 Who
  O-6452 Who Wouldn't Be Blue?
  O-6218 Winter Wonderland
  O-6029 Won'tcha?
  O-6069 You Came Along (From Out Of Nowhere)
  O-6183 You Can Depend On Me
  O-6180 You Come To My Rescue
  O-6184 You Go To My Head
  O-6012 You Oughta Know
  O-6129 You're Driving Me Crazy

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