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Concert Band Music
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  C-239 Marshall's Opener

Abreu, Zequinha
  O-462 Tico-Tico

Abt, Franz
  O-424/D Sleep Well Sweet Angel

Adam, Adolphe
  O-574/B Cantique De Noel
  O-641 Five Favorite Yule-Tide Songs

Adam, Adolphe Charles
  O-698 Comrades In Arms, Grand Chorus

Adams, Alton A.
  M-889 Governor's Own, The

Adams, Stephan
  O-260 Stephen Adams' Popular Songs

Adams, Stephen
  C-329 Holy City, The
  O-574/A Holy City, The
  M-880 Pilgrim, The

Adamson, Harold
  M-499 Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer
  M-682 Daybreak
  M-794 It's Been So Long

Adler, Julius
  M-84 General Anthony Wayne March
  M-5042/ZA Postal Telegraph Quick Service March
  M-5042/ZB University Of Pennsylvania March

Adler, Richard
  C-156 Pajama Game, The

Ager, Milton
  M-162 Happy Days Are Here From Chasing Rainbows

Ahleri, Fred E.
  M-500 Walkin' My Baby Back Home

Ahlert, Fred E.
  M-779 I Gave You Up Just Before You Threw Me Dow
  M-506 I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)

Akers, Howard E.
  M-792 Oklahoma State
  M-872 Uncle Henry

Akst, Davis
  M-136 No Wonder I'm Happy (My Baby's In Love Wit

Akst, Harry
  M-367 Dinah
  M-988 Dinah
  M-514 In My Bouquet Of Memories
  M-136 No Wonder I'm Happy (My Baby's In Love Wit
  M-430 Stand Up And Cheer

Albeniz, Isaac
  C-972 Tango

Albert, Morris
  C-795 Feelings

Alberts, Al
  M-580 Tell Me Why

Alexander, Russell
  M-269 Belford's Carnival March
  M-86 Burr's Triumphal March
  M-860 Colossus Of Columbia March
  M-615 Majestic Memphis, The
  M-167 Round Up
  M-886 Southerner, The

Alford, Harry L.
  M-534 Army, The
  C-669 Circus Days
  M-486 I.M.P.
  M-56 March Of The Illini Official
  M-823 Purple Carnival March, The
  C-327 Wedding Of Heinie And Kathrina, The

Alford, Kenneth J.
  M-63 Colonel Bogey
  M-859 Colonel Bogey
  M-921 Colonel Bogey
  C-682 Colonel Bogey On Parade
  M-737 On The Quarter Deck
  M-738 Standard Of St. George, The
  M-855 Vanished Army, The
  M-720 Voice Of The Guns, The

Alfven, Hugo
  C-926 Swedish Rhapsody (Midsummer Vigil)

Allen, Thomas S.
  M-612 Big Ben
  M-839/B Chicken Pickin's
  M-1022/D On Yo' Way
  M-328/A Sleepy Hollow (A Dream In The Mountains)
  M-557 Whip And Spur
  M-1022/C Will You Be Out Tonight?

Allen, Thornton W.
  M-68 Washington And Lee Swing
  M-907 Washington And Lee Swing

Alstyne, ?
  M-442 Shoulder Straps

Althouse, Monroe A.
  M-628 Primrose March

Andauer, E.
  O-387 Songs Of The Fatherland

Anderson, Leroy
  C-765 Blue Tango
  C-752 Bugler's Holiday
  C-805 Trumpeter's Lullaby, A

Anderson, Ross
  C-340 Studio Sounds

Anderson, Will R.
  O-258 Take It From Me, Selection From

Andree, Fabian
  M-1041 Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Anguera, Fernando De
  O-677 Segrid Valse Brilliant

Anstead, W. H.
  M-409 Monkey Shines (On The Mobile Levee)

Apelles, W. H.
  M-5042/ZC Reeves March
  M-5040/ZC Sanger March
  M-1031 Joe Weber March

Applebaum, Stanley
  C-594 Irish Suite

Arditi, Luigi
  O-79 Il Baio (The Kiss)

Arlen, Harold
  C-796 Blues In The Night
  M-565 Blues In The Night
  M-111 Blues In The Night (My Mamma Done Tol' Me)
  M-987 Get Happy
  M-771 I Love A Parade
  M-883 Over The Rainbow
  C-804 Stormy Weather

Armbruster, Robert
  C-978 Acapulco

Armengol, Mario Ruiz
  C-419 Brassmen's Holiday

Armitage, Reginald Moxon
  M-312 King's Horses, The (And All The King's Men

Arnold, ?
  M-609 Cathedral Chimes

Arnold, John
  M-179 Soko

Arnoldi, Luther
  C-646 Heart's Aflame

Arthur, Charles
  O-706/A Robin's Farewell, The

Asch, George
  O-204 British Patrol
  O-689 Rolling Drums, The

Ascher, Emil
  O-190 Garden Of Love

Ash, Paul
  M-329 Just Once Again

Asher, J.
  M-194/A Alice Where Art Thou

Ashman, Howard
  C-811 Beauty And The Beast

Aston, William
  C-558 In A Persian Market

Atkisson, Ben E.
  M-5034/A Progressive Musician, The
  M-5046 Square Deal, The

Auber, Daniel Francois Esprit
  C-261 Crown Diamonds, Overture To
  C-262 Fra Davola, Overture To
  C-369 Gallic Galop
  C-631 Lac Des Fe'es, Le (The Fairy Lake)
  C-635 Masaneillo, Overture To
  O-536 Masaniello
  C-259 Zanetta, Overture To

Auciffe, Charles
  O-93 Nights Of Gladness

Audran, Edmond
  O-499 Olivette, Selection From

Aviles, Jose
  M-389 Danza Mexicana - La Media Noche

Avon, Edmond
  O-127 Danse Joyeuse

Axton, Hoyt
  M-953 Gospel Rock Medley

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