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Concert Band Music
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M-416 Tackin' Em Down & She Was Not So Bad For A De Sylva, Gumble
O-258 Take It From Me, Selection From Anderson
M-487 Take Me Out To The Ball Game Von Tilzer
O-336 Tale Of Two Hearts, A Krauschaar, Roberts
M-170 Tale The Church Bells Tolled, The Van Alstyne
O-483 Tales From The Vienna Woods Strauss
C-550 Tancredi Rossini
C-299 Tancredi Overture Rossini
C-883/A Tancredi Overture Rossini
C-972 Tango Albeniz
C-665 Tannhauser Wagner
O-627 Tannhauser Wagner
C-868/B Tannhauser March Wagner
C-266 Tannhauser, Overture To Wagner
C-243 Tantalusqualen Suppe
C-540 Tarantelle Burlesque Hofer
M-692 Tearemloose (Trombone Symfunny) Barnhouse, Fisk
O-667 Ted Snyder's Medley Overture No. 1 Various
M-433/B Teddy Junior March Wolerstein
M-25 Teddy Trombone Fillmore
O-348 Teddy-After-Africa Pryor
C-485 Tel Aviv Kaartinen
M-5039/E Telegram March, The Farrar
M-580 Tell Me Why Alberts, Gold
C-532 Ten Minutes With The Minstrels, Medley Ove Bowron
C-421 Tennessean March, The Jager
M-5042/V Tenth Regiment March Hall
C-441 Testament Of An American Reed
O-749 Testament Of Nations Williams
M-233/B Texan, The Booth
M-952 Thanksgiving Show Various
M-378 That Mysterious Rag Snyder
M-516 That Old Gang Of Mine Dixon, Henderson, Rose
M-354 That Wonderful Mother Of Mine Goodwin
M-122 Them Basses Huffine
C-406 Theme And Variations Schoenberg
C-918 Themes From Grieg Grieg
M-343 There Is A Tavern In The Town (Drunkard So Hills, Vallee
M-331 There Must Be A Silver Lining (That's Shin Donaldson, Moore
M-717 There's Something About A Soldier Gay
M-369 They Made It Twice As Nice As Paradise And Whiting
C-847 Thievish Magpie, The Rossini
C-351 Things We Did Last Summer, The Unknown
M-568 Thirty-Two Feet & Eight Little Tails Cavanaugh, Redmound, Weldon
M-998 This Is Always Gordon, Warren
M-688 This Is The Army, Mister Jones Baline, Berlin
C-320 Thompson's Tuneful Melodies Various
C-874/C Thou'rt Passing Hence Sullivan
C-930/C Three Brass Bells Hall, Hodgkiss
C-449 Three Cardinals,the Davis
C-212 Three Dances From Henry Viii German
O-317 Three Kings (Cornet Trio) Smith
M-770 Three Little Fishies (Itty Bitty Poo) Dowell
M-520 Three O'Clock In The Morning Robledo
C-333 Three Sketches For Winds Grundman
O-318 Three Solitaires, The Herbert
O-580 Three Star Polka, The Bagley
C-694 Three To Get Ready Christensen
O-261 Three Twins, Selection From Hoschna
O-571 Through The Air Damm
M-852 Thunder And Blazes (Entry Of The Gladiator Fucik
M-726 Thunder Song Finlayson
C-919 Thunderbird Erickson
M-5039/ZB Thunderbolt, The St. Clair
M-5040/ZL Thunderer, The Sousa
O-462 Tico-Tico Abreu
O-673 Tid Bits Beyer
M-454 Till We Meet Again Whiting
M-518 Till We Meet Again Whiting
M-289 Tin Pan Parade Gillespie, Whiting
M-483 Tisket A Tasket, A Feldman, Fitzgerald
C-582 Titoro Taylor
C-703 Toccata Frescobaldi
C-380 Tom Sawyer, Selections Unknown
O-116 Tomahawk Dance Herman, Tobani
M-371 Too Busy! Cohn
C-853 Toot Sweet Schwarz
O-355 Top Liners Various
C-699 Topeka Jones, Jones
O-739 Topeka Daily Capital , The Marshall
O-219/A Topeka Elks March Unknown
C-826 Topeka Fall Festival March Roehr
O-738 Topeka State Journal , The Marshall
O-372/B Toreador's Song Bizet
C-434 Torino (The Return From Turin) Rivela
C-850 Tortilla Flats And Sharps Schaefer
O-27 Tout Paris Waldteufel
C-754 Toy Trumpet, The Scott
O-368 Trailing Arbutus Garbett
O-65 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Rollinson
O-54 Traveler, The Buys
O-256 Traveler, The Smith
O-695 Traveler, The Smith
O-268 Treasure Trove (Hidden Treasures) Brooks
O-6 Treasure Waltz (Schatz Walzer) Strauss
C-395 Treatise For Two Bennett
O-349 Trebuhs Operatic Hits Unknown
C-508 Tres Triumphati Forsblad
C-758 Tribute To Glenn Miller, A Miller
C-842 Tribute To Irving Berlin Berlin
M-132 Tribute To Sousa Goldman
O-410 Trinity Tobani
M-5039/H Trinity Bells March Hall
C-895 Trip Around Town, A Various
C-302 Trip To Coney Island, A Tobani
C-543 Trip To The Country, A Luscomb
O-471 Triplets Of The Finest Henneberg
M-653 Tripoli Temple March Barnhouse
M-1060 Tripping Thro' The Meadows Wilson
C-903 Triumph Of Istar Olivadoti
M-975 Triumphal March Clark
M-5038/A Triumphal Quick Step Bleger
C-152 Trojan March Berlioz
M-184 Trombone Blues Jewell
C-496 Trombone Country Christensen
O-429 Trombone Smiles Nelles
M-155 Trombone Strike, A. Brooks
M-20 Trombones Triumphant Keller
M-23 Trombonium Withrow
C-917 Trombrero Cofield
M-705 Troopers, The Kessinger
M-5037/B Trouping Days King
M-614 True Blue King
C-789 Trumpet By Candlelight Kenny
C-213 Trumpet Serenade Lengsfelder
C-197 Trumpetango Cofield
C-805 Trumpeter's Lullaby, A Anderson
O-332 Trumpeters Of The Crown, The Hume, Ord Hume
O-183 Trumpeters Three Johnson
C-194 Trumpets In Stereo Christensen
C-507 Trumpets Wild Walters
M-396 Try A Little Tenderness Campbell, Conwell, Woods
O-46 Tryphosa Waltzes Morris
O-764 Tschaikowsky Tchaikowsky
M-359 Turkestan (Oriental) Jones, Stern
C-192 Turn Yourself Around Wolpe
O-570 Turtle Dove, The Damare
M-774 Tweedlee Dee Scott
M-161/B Twilight Dews Serenade Unknown
O-467 Twilight Dreams Clarke
M-204 Twilight Memories Barnhouse
C-323 Two By Two Rodgers
C-902 Two Chorales Bach
C-430 Two Hymns Of Inspiration Beethoven
O-264 Two Little Bullfinches, The Kling
C-376 Two Mexican Songs Of Chipas Gates
C-277 Two Part Contention Brubeck
M-183 Two Roses, The Boos
M-789 Two Sleepy People Carmichael, Loesser
C-467 Tympendium Schinstine
O-541 Tyrolean Lovers, The Clement
O-783 Tyrolienne, The Fonse
M-732 U.S. Air Force March Burns
M-558 U.S. Air Force, The Crawford
M-4 U.S. Air Force, The (The Wild Blue Yonder) Crawford
M-197 U.S. Cruiser Maryland Rollinson
M-126 U.S. Field Artillery March, The Sousa
C-675 U.S.A. '76 Thiessen
C-681 U.S.S. Kennedy March Stauffer
M-947 U.S.S. March Livengood
M-872 Uncle Henry Akers
M-273 Uncle Rufe's Jubilee Rollinson
M-209 Under The Big Top Storm
M-10 Under The Double Eagle Wagner
C-687 Under The Lindens Massenet
O-601 Under The Rose Blanke
C-210 Unfinished Symphony Schubert
M-5042/M Union Forever March, The Scouton
C-284 United States Overture La Valle, Usifer
C-443 United States Victory March Schirmer
C-481 Universal Judgement, The De Nardis
M-734 Universities On Parade Ventre
M-736 University Hill March Little
M-678 University Of Dayton Panella
M-135 University Of Idaho March King
M-873 University Of Kansas March Richards
M-5042/ZB University Of Pennsylvania March Adler
C-533 Unknown Unknown
C-478 Unsinkable Molly Brown, Highlights From Th Willson
C-832 Untitled Marshall
C-882 Untitled Unknown
O-744 Untitled Unknown
O-745 Untitled Unknown
O-746 Untitled Unknown
C-831 Untitled Various
M-973 Up, Up And Away Webb
M-5015/B Utopian March Reeves

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