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Concert Band Music
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C-686 Habanera From Carmen Bizet
C-650 Hadden Hall, Selection From Gilbert, Sullivan
M-202 Hagenbeck Wallace Grand Entry Storm
M-746 Hagenbeck-Wallace Grand Entry Storm
C-822/B Hail Columbia Fyles
O-713/B Hail Columbia Unknown
O-737/A Hail To Our Banner Millard
M-207 Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty Sousa
M-290 Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here Bellstedt
M-256 Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here Morse, Sullivan
O-312 Hall Of Fame (Concert March) Olivadoti
C-629 Hall Of Fame, The Various
O-188 Hallelujah From Hit The Deck Youmans
M-5040/ZI Ham'in Rifles March Hall
M-5042/F Hamiltonian March Hall
M-854 Hands Across The Sea Sousa
M-162 Happy Days Are Here From Chasing Rainbows Ager, Yellen
M-493 Happy Go Lucky Lane Lewis, Meyer, Young
O-731 Happy Greetings March Unknown
M-544 Happy Little Nigs Elliott
O-49 Happy Thought Fantasie Beasler
C-215 Harlem Nocturne Hagen
O-333 Harmony Of Love, The Brooks
C-981 Harvest Celebration (6th Movement) Gillis
C-661 Haunted House, The Colby
O-658 Haviland's Harmonies Various
O-603 Hawaiian Butterfly Baskette, Santley
M-124 Hawaiian Moonlight (Valse Pathetique) Klickmann
O-380 Hawaiian Selection Various
C-906 He's Gone Away (Southern Mountain Song) Unknown
M-1011 He's The Man Of The Hour Draper, Stauffer Richard B.
C-637 Heart Desire Schrappe
M-711 Heart Of America Pryor
O-292 Heart To Heart-Love Melody Ball, Trinkaus
C-646 Heart's Aflame Arnoldi
M-575 Heartaches Hoffman, Klenner
O-469 Hearts And Flowers (A New Flower Song) Tobani
O-37 Hearts Courageous Blanke
M-5040/U Heaven's Choirster Pinsuti
O-442 Heavens Are Telling, The Haydn
O-726 Heavens Are Telling, The Haydn
O-416/C Hechiceros Ojos (Bewitching Eyes) McCoy
M-339 Hello! Beautiful! Donaldson
O-305 Herbert L. Clarke's Triumphal March Boyer
M-647 Herculean Sack
C-840 Here's That Rainy Day Burke, Van Heusen
C-615 Hermit's Bell, The Maillart
M-5029/A Heroic March Rollinson
M-902 Hey, Look Me Over Coleman, Leigh
M-254 Hi, Neighbor! Owens
M-995 Hi, Neighbor! Owens
C-940 Hi-Falutin' Hoedown Simeone
O-492 Hiawatha Moret
M-230 High Private, The King
M-920 High School Cadets Sousa
M-203 High School Cadets, The Sousa
M-5015/A High School Cadets, The Sousa
C-463 High Society Copeland, Greene, Swan
M-603 Highlanders Patrol, The Laurendeau
M-473 Hindustan Wallace, Weeks
M-38 His Excellency Fillmore
M-856 His Honor Fillmore
O-625 Hitland Medley Overture Various
C-893/A Hobomoko Reeves
M-12 Hoe Down, The Various
M-993 Hold 'em Harlem (Jitter Dance) Frangkiser
O-662 Holiday For Strings Rose
C-921 Hollywood! Various
C-329 Holy City, The Adams
O-574/A Holy City, The Adams
C-329 Holy City, The Maybrick
O-574/A Holy City, The Maybrick
M-5038/B Home From Camp March Catlin
O-242 Home On The Range Unknown
M-293/A Home Sweet Home Ripley
O-714 Home Sweet Home Unknown
C-544 Home Sweet Home The World Over Lampe
O-146 Home To Our Mountains Verdi
C-235 Homeowners Guide To Making Music Power
M-549 Honey Simmons
M-5019/B Honeymoon March, The Rosenberg, Rosey
O-278 Honeysuckle Polka Casey
M-5003/B Honored Dead Funeral March Sousa
M-382/A Hoppy Herbert (The Wooden Legged Sailor) Holiday
M-790 Horah Nagilah Unknown
M-258/A Horas De Melancolia Unknown
C-454 Horns A-Hunting Brehm, Lengsfelder
M-5005/B Hostrauser's March Chambers
M-5042/I Hostrauser's March Chambers
C-651 Hot Time In The Old Town Buys
M-157 Hot Time, A Chattaway
M-994 Hot Toddy Flanagan
M-605 Hot-N-Dry McFall
M-130 Hour Of Victory Beaton
M-301 How 'dja Like To Love Me Lane, Loesser
M-585/A How Can I Leave Thee Ritter
C-792 How Great Thou Art Hine
M-1033 How'ya Gonna Keep'em Down On The Farm Donaldson
M-5042/X Hugh De Payens Missud
C-722 Huguenots Meyerbeer
O-90 Huguenots, Potpourri From The Meyerbeer
O-544 Humoresque Kretschmer
O-270 Humoresque Wheeler
M-664 Humorist, The Barnhouse
O-221/H Hungarian Dance No. 18 Brahms
O-723/B Hungarian Dance No. 6 Brahms
O-723/A Hungarian Dance Number 5 Brahms
C-559 Hungarian Fantasia Various
O-201 Hungarian National Dances Unknown
M-677 Hungarian Rag Lenzberg
C-541 Hunt In The Black Forest, A Voelker
O-440 Hunting Of The Snark, The Rollinson
O-202 Hunting Scene, A Bucalossi
M-61 Huntress, The King
C-295 Hymn Fantasy For Band Sullivan
C-423 Hymn Festival, A Various

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