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Concert Band Music
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C-223 Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag Powell
M-470 Pagan Love Song Brown
M-264 Pageant Of Progress Jewell
C-964 Pageantry Washburn
M-596 Pahson Trombone Fillmore
C-156 Pajama Game, The Adler, Ross
C-305 Pale Moon (An Indian Love Song) Logan
O-638/A Palms, The Faure
C-516 Palomar Pearson
O-547 Pals, The Barnard
C-545 Pan American Fantasy Rauterkus
O-255 Panis Angelicus Franck
O-257 Panorama Barnhouse
M-700 Paper Doll Black
C-230 Parada Espanola Cacavas
C-246 Parade Of The Tall Ships Chattaway
M-567 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers Jessel
O-311 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers Jessel
M-297 Paradise Of Your Dear Eyes, The Miller
O-595 Paragon Barnard
M-1021/A Paramount, The Restorff
M-218 Paraphrase Ripley
O-425 Paraphrase On The Palms Gruenwald
M-5042/O Parthian March Losey
C-165/A Parting Raff
C-813/A Pas Des Echarpes Chaminade
C-764 Pas Redouble Saint-Saens
M-623 Pasodena Day Vessella
C-367 Passacaglia And Fugue Bach
C-462 Passacaglia In G Minor Bright
M-163 Passing Fancy, A Jewell
M-657 Passing Of The Red Man King
O-693 Passing Regiment, The Coverley
O-396 Passing Show, Selection From The Englander
M-64 Pathfinder Of Panama, The Sousa
M-5028/A Pathfinder Of Panama, The Sousa
O-233 Patience, Selection Sullivan
M-5042/S Patriote March Ringuet
C-735 Patriots, The (Processional March) Williams
O-551 Patrol Comique Hindley
C-166/A Patrol Comique Unknown
O-86 Patrol Of The Scouts Boccalari
O-582 Pauline Maywood
C-450 Pavana And March For Concert Band Byrd
M-5010/A Peace With Honor Crosby
C-372 Peachtree Promenade From Atlanta Suite Gillis
O-124 Pearl Of Madrid Bachmann, Behr
C-477 Peer Gynt Suite Grieg
C-714 Peer Gynt Suite (Op. 55) Grieg
M-114 Pennsylvania Polka Lee, Manners
M-174 Pentacrest Van Doren
C-399 People Of The South Wind Dunford
C-597 Perfect Day, A Jacobs-Bond
M-819/B Perfect Song, The Breil
C-236 Perpetual Motion Paganinni
C-880 Persian Carnival Barnes
C-877 Peter Pan, Highlights From Mary Martin's Comden, Green
C-379 Peter Rabbit And The Tales Of B. Potter Lanchberry
M-587 Pettibone's Compliments Bellstedt
C-633 Phedre Massenet
C-403 Phedre, Excerpts From (Overture) Massenet
C-724 Philemon And Baucis Gounod
C-746 Picadore March, The Sousa
M-5040/C Picadore March, The Sousa
O-402 Picaninnies Patrol, The Laurendeau
C-193 Piccolo Espagnol Christensen
M-411 Piccolo Pete Baxter
M-469 Pick Yourself Up (Dust Yourself Off) Hanley
C-984 Picnic For Percussion Merrick
C-589 Pictures At An Exhibition (Part 3) Mussorgsky
O-701/A Pilgrim Chorus From Tannhauser Wagner
M-1006 Pilgrim's Chorus Wagner
M-880 Pilgrim, The Adams
M-5040/ZN Pilot March, The Sherman
M-100 Pioneer March, The Goldman
C-564 Pique Dame Suppe
C-398 Pique Dame, Ballet And Duet From Tchaikowsky
O-545 Pirouette (Pa Seul) Finck
M-694 Pistol Packin' Mama Dexter
O-145 Pitsford Farms Patrol Weigand
M-627 Pitt Panther, The Panella
M-5022/A Pittsburg Elks March, The Panella
M-610 Pivot, The Barrington
O-210 Plantation Holiday, A Seebold
M-377 Play, Fiddle Play Deutch
M-768 Playmates Dowell
O-58 Pleasant Memories Bayer
M-1029 Please Don't Talk About Me (When I'm Gone) Stept
C-429 Pledge Of Allegiance, The Nelson
M-5040/K Pleyel's Hymn Unknown
M-293/C Pleyels Hymn Unknown
C-857/B Poesia Pastorale (A Pastoral Poem) Rossi
C-218 Poet And Peasant Suppe
O-448 Poinciana Simon
C-304 Polish Dance No.2 Schrwenka
M-5011/A Politician, The Storm
C-935 Polka & Fugue From Schwanda, The Bagpiper Weinberger
M-519 Polly Prim Henry, Stern
C-883/B Polonaise Chopin
O-709 Polonaise Unknown
C-638 Polonaise Brilliante Ringleben
O-172 Polonaise In A Flat Chopin
O-767 Pomp And Chivalry Roberts
M-906 Pomp And Circumstance Elgar
M-584 Pomposo Seitz
O-404 Poor Butterfly From The Big Show Hubbell
O-498 Poor Jonathan Millocker
M-337 Pop! Goes Your Heart Dixon, Wrubel
M-435 Poppies Moret
C-509 Popular Pebbles Various
O-405 Popular-Standard Band Medley No.2 Various
C-198 Por Que? Fresedo
M-5042/ZA Postal Telegraph Quick Service March Adler
O-716 Potpourri Medley On Popular Airs Various
C-163/A Potpourri Quadrille Strauss
O-475 Poupee Valsante (Dolly Dances) Poldini
O-208 Praise Ye The Father Gounod
C-294 Prarie Reflections Various
C-909 Prayer Soliloquy Hale, Oldham
O-574/C Preghiera Tosti
C-470 Prelude And Fugue In D Minor Bach
C-587 Prelude And Fugue In F Minor Bright
M-5048/B Preparedness Deiro
C-891/A President Garfield's Inaugural March Sousa
O-495 Presidential Polonaise Sousa
C-322 Presidio Erickson
C-912 Presidio Erickson
M-560 Prestissimo King
C-700 Presto From Rapsodie Norve'gienne Lalo
M-37 Pride Of The Illini King
O-489/A Priest's War March Mendelssohn
O-373 Prima Donna, The Herbert
M-628 Primrose March Althouse
M-1052 Prince Ananias Two Step Herbert
O-517 Prince Of Pilsen Luders
O-338 Prince Of Tonight, Selections From The Howard
O-398 Princess Bonnie, Selection From The Spencer
M-229 Princess Kip, The Cummins
O-769 Princess Of India King
O-301 Princess Of India Overture King
O-518 Princess Pat, The Herbert
C-783 Princess, The Kepner
O-294 Priscilla Polka Pettee
M-751 Prismatic Polka Rollinson
C-983 Prisoner Of War Saylor
O-782 Prisoners Song, The (Valse Lamentoso) Massey
M-5034/A Progressive Musician, The Atkisson
C-980 Promenade In Swingtime Holcombe
C-501 Prometheus Overture Beethoven
M-18 Promotor, The Holmes
C-645 Providence Tobani
C-191 Ps-Pw Various
C-742 Psalm 150 Franck
M-96 Pure As Snow Lange
M-823 Purple Carnival March, The Alford
M-72 Purple Pageant, The King
M-745 Purple Pageant, The King
M-963 Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Wenrich
M-496 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey Von Tilzer
M-769 Puttin' On The Ritz Berlin
M-5042/T Queen Of The Antilles March Missud
M-1010 Queen Of The Festival Roehr
M-266 Queen Of The Fleet Crosby
O-33 Queen Of The Flowers Losey
O-732 Queen Of The Santa Fe Unknown
C-167/B Quiebros Y Requiebros Unknown

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